Giving is such a special gift to us at Shiloh. Partnering with us financially allows us to keep our doors open, our programming running and more kids are introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in fun, creative and exciting ways.

If we could run Shiloh on love and passion we would be overflowing with resources!

We have calculated the cost of the Shiloh Experience for each one of our students over the course of a year. For 12-months in the Shiloh Detroit Experience it costs $780/child per year or $60/month. This includes trips, food, transportation, resources, use of the building and utilities.

Whether kids are part of our AMAZING Tuesday nights, the traveling Lion Heart Experience, in a small group with our meeting for girls called Chosen or a simple hot chocolate at Tim Hortons with a Shiloh Leader - Kids are invited into a dynamic, welcoming and Gospel-centered experience with Shiloh.

We are not asking you to give to an idea. We have story after story of both kids and leaders who’s lives have shifted dramatically because of the experience they have had within Shiloh.

Would you join our giving team?

Grace and Peace,

Joe Vercellino

Shiloh Detroit | Director