Lion Heart

One of the life-changing outlets for a select group of Shiloh Detroit Student-Leaders is being part of the Lion Heart Crew - a high octane group that travels the mid-west and performs at schools and conferences bringing powerful messages of purpose and identity that challenges both kids and adults.

Apart from The Lion Heart Experience as a team and performance, it is a family built on trust, faith, delight and adventure.

This action-packed, funny and impactful group regularly travels the state. Performances benefit the growth of the program and also help fund the future education of Lion Heart Crew members.


2018 Lion Heart Tour Dates

September 21. Bushnell Elementary Lowell, MI

September 21. Cherry Creek Lowell, MI

October 11. Fancher Elementary Mt. Pleasant, MI

October 11. Vowles Mt. Pleasant, MI

October 12. Midland Central Park  Midland, MI

October 12. Ganiard Elementary Mt. Pleasant, MI

November 30. Rogers Pontiac, MI

November 30. Herrington Elementary Pontiac, MI

December 2. Kennsington EDGE Troy, MI

December 10-11. SpringHill Leadership Conference. Grand Rapids, MI

December 14. Forest Elementary Farmington Hills, MI

December 21. Voyageur College Prep High School. Detroit, MI

January 18-20 Cran-Hill Ranch Rodney, MI

January 23. Hillcrest Elementary. Alma, MI

January 24. Pullen Mt. Pleasant, MI

January 24 Mary McGuire Elementary Mt. Pleasant, MI

January 25. Pine Ave. Elementary Alma, MI

January 25. Pine Ave. Middle School Alma, MI

March 29. Norup International Middle School School Berkley, MI

April 11. Oakland Christian Auburn Hills, MI

May 23. Murray Lake Elementary Lowell, MI

May 24. Bushnell Elementary Lowell, MI

May 24. Cherry Creek Lowell, MI

Lion Heart Herrington Preview-16.jpg