From May to October Tuesday nights at Shiloh Detroit are the best part of the summer. These evening are full of life of all kinds from the fun and excitement of a basketball or soccer game to the personal conversations happening getting your nails done. You can find the thrill of the perfect underdog on the swings or make your way in the house to catch a songwriting session. No matter where you settle on a Tuesday at Shiloh you will find family.

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All of our activities, games and fun at Shiloh Detroit is geared towards building a safe, open and loving atmosphere to our kids, leaders and guests. Our hospitable and welcoming culture is a Shiloh Staple that we work hard to maintain.

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We are songwriters. With a talented group of kids and leaders we believe creating something beautiful and powerful can be a unifying and fun experience. Take a listen to two of our tracks “Victory” and “Lions.” Both songs are widely performed and listened to around the state.  

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During small group time at Shiloh – kids and leaders are able to grow in their faith through Bible teaching, conversation and prayer. This time is important each week as it allows kids to ask questions and grow closer to kids their age. .

On Tuesday nights kids experience dynamic Bible teaching, small groups lead by consistent leaders and an opportunity to open up and receive prayer. These nights are a powerful time for Shiloh Detroit to build and exhibit a culture of hospitality and delight in one another.